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  1. The Club is known as Garforth Phoenix Badminton Club.


  1. The Club is run by a Committee made up of:

At least 4 members of the club to be selected by the club members 


The aim of the club is to play social and competitive league badminton.


  1.  Club Membership & Fees

a)            By invite only, with all new members to be approved by the Committee.


b)            Visitors will be welcome but must be approved by the Committee before being

                      placed on an approved visitors list.


c)            The fees will cover the cost of the courts and feather shuttles


d)            The fees will be set in advance by the Committee or preferably by a General Meeting


e)            Visitors fees are £5, or £3 for full time students, and should be collected on every visit.

         This fee will be reviewed each year by the AGM and updated as necessary.


  1. Club nights

            a)         Club nights will be set and agreed at each AGM

            b)         Order of play:

i)             On arrival players should write their names on the list provided,

after playing a game the winning pairís names should be placed on the bottom of the list

followed by the names of the losing pair.  The person whose name is top should then

choose themselves and 3 from the next 6 on the list.

                        ii)         Games will be played to 21 with setting as long as no more than 6 players are sitting off. In

                                     this eventuality the games will instead be played to 15 with no setting.


5.          5.    Accounts

At the end of each year a set of accounts will be produced, for approval at the AGM,to show all members the sources of income and items of expenditure and balance of assets. In the event of the club winding up any remaining balance will be shared by the current full members.


  1. Committee Responsibilities


         Approval of new Club members and Visitors

         Collection of membership and visitor fees

         Responsible for the purchase & provision of the shuttles for club nights.

         Payment of the court costs.

         Have the power to dismiss from Membership of the Club any person whose actions are detrimental to the objectives of the Club or are in gross or repeated violation of the Club rules


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